The smoke among the trees

Of the dense forest rises

In clear scenic spirals

Against the green of the woods

-the granite of the hills.

A straight line, life never is

It bends and bows thro’ phases

Known and unknown- its spirals

Fascinating and compelling moments

That bring along new movements.

If only we are blessed

With a vision clear and contented

The spirals take us not into gyres awful

But keep us above the usual

Land us in the unusual, the beneficial.

A poem by Jaya Lakshmi Rao V.

Sender’s brief bio-data

Dr. (mrs) Jaya Lakshmi Rao V.

Reader in English, Mrs. A.V.N. College, Visakhapatnam.

Contact address:

47 North Extension, Seethammadhara, Visakhapatnam, 530013, India.

e-mail address: jayavrao@yahoo.com