The wealth of health

Is to look inwards

Visualize vistas

Look for light

Search for simplicities

In small things that hide

Aspects enlightening and

Ennobling, in and around.


Green forests, great waterfalls,

Rocky vaults and arches fine

Hills in the pose of sages in penance

Clouds in geometrical formations

Pearly dawns and pastel sunsets,

Inky midnights and snow capped ranges

Open skies and rain-washed tall trees

The gleam of sun on expanding seas

The twinkle of stars on a dark sky

The glow of moon with rare iridescence


The winter noons

The summer morns

The rainy nights

The cold, the warmth

A mixture fine of both,

The altering experience,

The awakening awareness,

The beauty, the glory, the silence,

The grandeur that surrounds

Brings close to cognize

The destiny, the force,

The future never to fear,

But to hasten calmly onward.


                                            A poem by Jaya Lakshmi Rao V.