Please refer to my Technion website for up-to-date information.

Below I provide code and datasets used in some of my research. The code is made publicly available under the GPL license. Please do not hesitate to contact me with requests or questions.

  • Incremental Light Bundle Adjustment (iLBA)


    - C++ implementation of iLBA can be downloaded here
    You will need to install the GTSAM optimization library
    - Please first take a look at the README.txt file


    - A synthetic and real-imagery datasets can be found here (300MB)
    - Synthetic dataset
    : an aerial scenario with a monocular downward facing camera (450 images, 15000 3D points)
    - Real-imagery dataset: a cubicle desk in an open space environment captured from different viewpoints and distances (148 images, 31910 3D points)
    - Instructions for running iLBA on these two datasets are provided in README.txt

    Camera trajectory in the synthetic dataset:
    Synthetic dataset

    Cubicle (real-imagery) dataset: 2 typical images, and estimated camera poses and sparse structure reconstruction using iLBA
    image1 image2
    Cubicle Dataset

    Related publications: [IROS 2013, WORV 2013, BMVC 2012, PLANS 2012]

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  • Factor Graph based Incremental Smoothing in Navigation Systems


    Implementation of the
    equivalent and basic inertial navigaton factors is now part of the official GTSAM optimization library (starting from version 2.3.0), and can be found here.

    Related publications: [IJRR 2014, RAS 2013, Fusion 2012a, Fusion 2012b]

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