I was born in Wuhan, one of the largest cities in central China. After spending 18 years dealing with its terrible weather, I am confident I can survive anywhere on the earth. Though I constantly complain about Wuhan's weather, its morning snacks are what I miss most in USA. On the left is a picture of hot dry noodles, one of the most popular morning snacks in Wuhan.
My father came from Dang Yang, a small city with a long history. It is not far away from Wuhan. As a strategic point in ancient wars, many important battles happened in Dangyang. For example, in the Three Kindoms period, the battle of Changban and the battle of Maicheng happened in Dangyang. The picture is a portrait of Guan Yu, who was slayed and buried in Dangyang (without head).
My history of gaming can date back to the primary school. Thanks to video games, I developed an interest for computers and information technologies, and eventually decided to work as a computer scientist. Nowdays, I still burn a few hours every week on games.