Web Search and Text Mining

CSE6240: Web Search and Text Mining

Spring, 2012

Lecture: TR 9:35pm - 10:55pm

Office hours: T 1:00pm - 2:00pm.

Instructor: Hongyuan Zha, Office: 1314 KACB, Phone: 404-385-1491

Course Description

This course will cover the data analytic aspects of three closely related topics: Web search, recommendation systems and social network analysis. The emphasis is on probabilistic and statistical methods, user behavior modeling, and dyanmic behavior and structure co-evolution in social networks. Ideally you should have formal exposure to data mining and machine learning at the level of CSE6740 and be comfortable with using a script and/or high-level language.

List of Topics

Class Policies


  1. Homeworks: 50%
  2. Projects: 50%