Assistant Professor
Associate Director, ML@GT
School of Interactive Computing
CODA room S1181B
Email: zkira at gatech dot edu

Latest News [Older]

09/2021 Two NeurIPS Spotlights (<3% accept) on principled calibration and Habitat 2.0 (w/ FB).
07/2021 ICCV paper on data-free incremental learning (no replay!).
07/2021 Area Chair for ICLR 2022.
06/2021 Press for Habitat 2.0: CNET | TechCrunch | VentureBeat | Wired (ME) | Ynet
06/2021 IROS paper on distributed spatial registration and perception.
05/2021 Invited talks at Google and Microsoft AI.
04/2021 IJCNN paper on semi-supervised continual learning.
03/2021 Two ICRA papers (one RA-L too) on RoboVLN and 3D learnable region growing!
02/2021 ICLR paper on SoA semi-supervised object detection (~17% mAP w/ 0.5% data!) [project]
02/2021 Co-organizing the CVPR workshop on Learning from Limited and Imperfect Data (L2ID).
02/2021 Code release for our FeatMatch semi-supervised learning paper [paper] [code]
10/2020 Press on Facebook Teaching Partnership: FB | Engadget | WSBTV | Univ-Ind Engagement
10/2020 Invited Talk at the Workshop on Unsupervised Learning for Automated Driving [youtube]
10/2020 Senior PC for IJCAI
09/2020 NeurIPS paper on learning with imbalanced datasets.
08/2020 Area Chair for ICLR and Neurips 2021.
08/2020 First OMSCS Deep Learning class offered! Part of Facebook in co-teaching partnership!
07/2020 Two ECCV papers on cyclical self-supervised grounding and complex data augmentation for Semi-SL! Check out the related workshop talk on latter!
06/2020 CVPR invited talk for the Workshop on Learning w/ Limited Labels [youtube]. Similar talk at the Agriculture Vision workshop.
03/2020 Thesis defense - Yen-Chang Hsu, the first student in RIPL, defended! Congrats!
03/2020 Thesis defense - Chih-Yao Ma (Kevin) successfully defended his thesis. Great work!
03/2020 Area Chair for NeurIPS 2020.
02/2020 Three CVPR papers on group formation in distributed perception, out-of-distribution detection, and self-supervised cross-domain action segmentation! Congrats all!
01/2020 Two ICRA papers on uncertainty-aware fusion and distributed perception!
01/2020 Facebook co-teaching partnership for the deep learning class!
11/2019 Oral AAAI paper, congratulations Weiyu! (with RAIL) [arxiv]

2019 We had 3 ICLR, 1 ICRA, 1 CVPR, 1 Oral ICCV, 2 journal, 1 WACV, and ICLR/IROS workshop papers. We received funding from DARPA LwLL and Samsung.

2018 We had a ICLR, CVPR, WACV, NeurIPS Continual Learning Workshop, and one journal paper. We received new funding from DARPA L2M and ONR.

08/2018 Assistant Professor!

About Me

I am an Assistant Professor at the School of Interactive Computing in the College of Computing. I am also affiliated with the Georgia Tech Research Institute and serve as an Associate Director of ML@GT which is the machine learning center recently created at Georgia Tech. Previously I was a Research Scientist at SRI International Sarnoff in Princeton, and before that received my Ph.D. in 2010 with Professor Ron Arkin as my advisor.

I lead the RobotIcs Perception and Learning (RIPL) lab. My areas of research specifically focus on the intersection of learning methods for sensor processing and robotics, developing novel machine learning algorithms and formulations towards solving some of the more difficult perception problems in these areas. I am especially interested in moving beyond supervised learning (un/semi/self-supervised and continual/lifelong learning) as well as distributed perception (multi-modal fusion, learning to incorporate information across a group of robots, etc.).