Joining the Lab

Post-Doc: Feel free to contact me about post-doc positions in the areas of machine learning for perception, including learning with limited labeling (few-shot learning, semi-supervised learning, un/self-supervised learning, etc.), multi-domain/task learning, and incorporating structured information for such tasks. Interest in the intersection of robotics and machine learning is welcome as well. Strong research experience and publication records are expected for top venues in these fields (CVPR/ICCV/ECCV, ICLR/ICML/NeurIPS, ICRA/IROS/RSS, etc.)

Ph.D. students: I tend to accept a few Ph.D. students every year in these areas and more, including multi-modal fusion, goal-driven perception, and applications to robotics.

Current Students

If you are currently a student at Georgia Tech, please first look over our research and if interested email me. Include your CV and a succinct statement of your past experience and current interests. I highly recommend contacting me many weeks before the semester starts as opportunities tend to fill up quickly.

Applying Students

If you are applying to Georgia Tech, please follow the application process of the college/school you are applying to. Note that for Ph.D. students there are several choices to select from, including a machine learning (ML) and robotics Ph.D. I hire from several of these. Please make sure to mention my name in your application if you are interested in the lab.

External Students/Interns

I am not currently looking for external visiting researchers/interns. If you are not currently at Georgia Tech and are not applying for a post-doc, the best way to work with me is by applying to the school (see above).