About Us

Group Photo With the advent of the Internet, the World Wide Web, portable computers, mobile communication devices, and greater computing power in general, the amount of data available to people and organizations has grown astronomically in recent years. While one would hope that access to this data would foster improved understanding, insight, and decision-making, too often it leads to confusion, bewilderment, and a sense of a missed opportunity instead. Our research group develops ways to help people and organizations understand data via innovative interfaces and applications in the areas of information visualization, visual analytics, and peripheral awareness. We ultimately want to help people solve problems and understand the world better.

Our research is supported by grants from the National Science Foundation (IIS-1320537), DARPA's XDATA program, from the Dept. of Homeland Security's Center of Excellence in Command, Control and Interoperability (VACCINE), a Google Faculty Research Award, and donations from Microsoft Research and Adobe Research. We have received past support from NSF (IIS-0915788, CCF-0808863, and IIS-0414667), the Dept. of Homeland Security's NVAC Program, an IBM PhD Fellowship, the Georgia Aquarium, Steelcase Corporation, NCR Corporation, TravelPort Corp, and Haptek Corporation.

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