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TAME: Time-varying affective phenomena for humanoid robots

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The TAME (Traits, Attitudes, Moods and Emotions) Project focuses on adding complex affective state to a humanoid robot for assisting in the generation of long-term human-robot attachment. TAME is a time-varying affective model that ranges over the complete affective space of an agent. As such it is highly generative, and can produce a wide range of interactive capabilities through a robotic system in support of long-term human-robot interaction.

In this project, we plan to extend and develop the TAME time-varying affective control model for use in humanoid robotic systems. Specifically, we will provide a MissionLab implementation of TAME for the demonstration the ability to convey long-term interactive affective phenomena to human observers.


  • Beyond Humanoid Emotion: Incorporating Traits, Attitudes and Moods
  • Time-Varying Affective Response for Humanoid Robots
  • Recognizing Nonverbal Affective Behavior in Humanoid Robots
  • Mood as an Affective Component for Robotic Behavior with Continuous Adaptation via Learning Momentum
  • TAME: Time-varying Affective Response for Humanoid Robots

    • We are using MissionLab for our research. MissionLab takes high-level plans and executes them with teams of real or simulated robots. MissionLab supports execution of multiple robots both in simulation and actual robotics platforms.

      In this project, MissionLab's Hserver component will be expanded to include the newly acquired Nao humanoid Robot. Furthermore, New behaviors will be created within MissionLab for target scenario that are appropriate for the Nao humanoid.