• Deforming Meshes that Split and Merge
    Chris Wojtan, Nils Thürey, Markus Gross and Greg Turk
    ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH), 28(3), 2009
    Paper Project

  • Fluid Simulation with Articulated Bodies
    Nipun Kwatra, Chris Wojtan, Mark Carlson, Irfan Essa, Peter Mucha and Greg Turk
    Re-submitted with minor revisions to IEEE TVCG, 2009

  • B-morphs between B-compatible curves
    Brian Whited and Jarek Rossignac
    Submitted for publication

  • Extraction of affinity Roots for Computing Steady Af?ne Morphs in 3D
    Jarek Rossignac and Alvar Vinacua
    Submitted for publication