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The Aware Home Research Initiative (AHRI) is a focused research program, whose goal is to develop the requisite technologies to create a home environment that can both perceive and assist its occupants.  The scope of the projects carried out within this program range from fundamental technical development to cognitive and ethnological studies that assess the most appropriate and compelling technological strategies.  The research is initiated and led by the members of the Georgia Institute of Technology's Future Computing Environments Group (FCE). The Aware Home Research Initiative utilizes the Residential Laboratory established by the Georgia Tech's Broadband Institute. Initial funding for the building of the Residential Laboratory was provided by the Georgia Research Alliance (GRA).



Project Information


  • "Sensing the Subtleties of Everyday Life"
    This article is a good general overview of the project. It appeared in the Winter 2000 issue of Research Horizons, the research magazine of Georgia Tech.
  • "The Aware Home: A Living Laboratory for Ubiquitous Computing Research"
    Kidd, Cory D., Robert J. Orr, Gregory D. Abowd, Christopher G. Atkeson, Irfan A. Essa, Blair MacIntyre, Elizabeth Mynatt, Thad E. Starner and Wendy Newstetter.
    In the Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Cooperative Buildings - CoBuild'99. Position paper, October 1999. (HTML, Word, PPT Presentation) This paper explains some of our vision on technology- and human-centered research themes.



  • "Building an Aware Home"
    Presentation by Irfan Essa at the Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory, July 1, 1999. (HTML, PPT)


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