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Professor | Contextual Computing Group | College of Computing | Georgia Institute of Technology
Interfaces for Augmenting
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  • Mobile Text Entry
  • Dual-Purpose Speech
  • Augmenting Conversation between
    the Deaf and Hearing Community

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  • Sign Language
  • Activity
  • Gesture

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  • Face & Handwriting Recognition
  • Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality
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  • Agents & Ubiquitous Computing
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  • Thad Starner is the director of the Contextual Computing Group and is also a Technical Lead/Manager on Google's Project Glass. In general, our academic research creates computational interfaces and agents for use in everyday mobile environments. We combine wearable and ubiquitous computing technologies with techniques from the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), pattern recognition, and human computer interaction (HCI). Recently, we have been designing [ assistive technology with the deaf community.] One of our main projects is [ CopyCat ], a game which uses American Sign Language recognition to help young deaf children acquire language skills. We continually develop new interfaces for mobile computing (and mobile phones) with an emphasis on gesture. Currently, we are exploring mobile interfaces that are fast to access, like wristwatches.

    Our members are some of the oldest and most active supporters of the wearable computing academic community, helping to establish and contributing to the annual International Symposium on Wearable Computers, the IEEE Wearable Information Systems Technical Committee (TCWEAR), IEEE Pervasive Computing magazine, various workshops and mailing lists, and hardware and software resources for industry and research.


    Press Inquiries

    To reach me for a time sensitive matter for the press or media or to get images or video of my work, please contact Jason Maderer, Media Relations ( 404-385-2966.

    Google Project Glass

    For the past 2 years I've been working on [Google's Project Glass]. Which has just been named one of [Time's 2012 Best Inventions of the Year]

    IEEE Technical Committee on Wearable Information Systems.

    I am also the Chair of the IEEE Technical Committee on Wearable Information Systems. Please consider participating in the [International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC)].

    Teaching Grad AI (6601) Fall 2014

    I am teaching Grad AI this semester. See the [website].

    Gartner interview

    I've been [interviewed for the Gartner Fellows program] which investigates my view of the wearable computer as a helper in the user's everday life and what has changed over the past 20 years. I've also recently given a couple Google Tech Talks ["Reading Your Mind: Interfaces for Wearable Computing"] which looks at our recent and upcoming research from a particular perspective suggested by one of my colleagues Beth Mynatt.

    Potential Students

    If you are a Georgia Tech graduate or undergraduate student interested in working with me, please review our publications and web pages to see what is interesting to you and send an ASCII resume to both me and the lead graduate students listed on the project. Note that I do not plan to take on any new students Fall 2012.