NFL Super Bowl: A History of NFL Seasons and Champions

Team Members: Sakshi Pratap, Arjun Srinivasan, the entire GT Visualization Group

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This visualization presents the past 50 years of the National Footbal League and its Super Bowl Champions. The visualization shows all 32 teams at the top aligned to the number of Super Bowls they have won. Below, the visualization shows the complete regular season and playoff history of two selected teams. Green squares indicate a game own and red squares indicate a game lost. In one mode, the visualization shows score differential, with darker shades indicating bigger wins or losses. In the other mode, the visualization shows quality of opponent. Darker green indicates a win against a good team, while lighter green indicates a win against a weaker team. Similarly, dark red is a bad loss against a weak team, and light red is a loss against a strong team.

The system is interactive so that you can move your mouse cursor over a game square to learn more about that game. Clicking on a team in the upper area highlights games against that team in the lower regions.