Keith Edwards

Musical Preferences

My musical tastes are fairly diverse. Here's a small sampler of some favorites:

Mellow and Pop Stuff

Blue Moon Revisited (Song for Elvis), Cowboy Junkies (2,123,915 bytes)

Galileo, Indigo Girls (1,999,104 bytes)

Leather, Tori Amos (1,531,458 bytes)

Planet Queen, T. Rex (1,506,132 bytes)

Satellite of Love, Lou Reed (1,707,813 bytes)

Walkin' After Midnight, Patsy Cline (947,402 bytes)


Don't Sniff Coke, Pato Banton (2,009,648 bytes)

Mr. Grieves, The Pixies (1,001,400 bytes)

Downright Noisy

Just Plain Bizarre

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