Grading and Assignments

Grades are based on performance as measured by points earned on class evaluation instruments. The summary of weights of course assignments is listed below

Component   Weight
Quizzes & Class attendance 10%
HW Assignments 20%
Programming Assignments 28%
Midterm exam 20%
Final exam 22%

The course will be graded on a traditional weight system as shown below.

A   90-100
B   80-89
C   70-79
D   60-69
F   0-59

In case there are assignments with lower than expected averages, the instructor may adjust this scale. Students achieving the averages above are guaranteed to receive the listed grade at worst, however.

Quizzes and Class Attendance
It is expected that students will come to class, be prepared by doing any assigned reading or other preparation, and will pay attention and participate in discussions. Pop quizzes will be given at the start of five classes to check attendance and to evaluate student's preparation.

Homework Assignments
HW 1 - Data Exploration and Analysis (4%)
HW 2 - Table and Graph Design (4%)
HW 3 - Investigative Analysis (4%)
HW 4 - Using and Critiquing a Commercial Infovis System (4%)
HW 5 - Drawing a Graph (4%)

Programming Assignments
P1 - Static Bar Chart (5%)
P2 - Trellis Scatterplot (5%)
P3 - Sliding GapMinder (5%)
P4 - Brushing & Linking (5%)
P5 - Design Project (8%)

Programming assignments will be turned in via GitHub.

Late Turn-in:
For each calendar day late, 10% of the total grade will be deducted from an assignment's score.