• March 27, 2012: PASQUAL website update and PASQUAL v1.0 released.
  • Nov 21, 2011: PASQUAL discussion list moved to pasqual-news.
  • Sep 1, 2011: PASQUAL website update and PASQUAL v0.9 released.



The current release is PASQUAL v1.0.


Simulated data sets

  • s_suis.fa.bz2
  • h_sapien_chr22_minusN.fa.bz2
  • d_rerio_chr6_minusN.fa.bz2
  • Real data sets

  • Escherichia coli
  • S. Typhimurium
  • Caenorhabditis elegans
  • Reads generated from the sequences
  • gen_reads-0.9.tgz can be used for generating reads from the sequences. For example, to generate reads for sequence s_suis.fa with coverage 30 (-c30) and read length 100 (-l100), one can issue the following command,

    $> gen_reads -i s_suis.fa -o s_suis_c30_l100.fa -c30 -l100.fa