for Update Monitoring with Logistics Applications

Jan. 1998 Demo
Oregon Graduate Institute

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The Continual Queries Project (CQ) is sponsored by DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency under the Advanced Logistics Program (ALP).

The Continual Queries Project aims at investigating the update monitoring problems in wide-area distributed information systems and developing tools for building intelligent and adaptive sentinels in distributed open environments such as Internet or intranets. We experiment the results of Continual Queries project with logistics applications and explore research issues for combining conventional pull-based query answering services with push-based query monitoring services.

The January Demo (click here for JDK 1.1 Interface) is the first intermediate milestone of the CQ project. The demo system consists of the following key components:

CQ user registration and validation
CQ installation and validation
CQ installation and execution monitoring
CQ result packaging and CQ update alerter
CQ metadata object manager

Walkthrough Demo by Components

CQ Client Interface Services

User Registration CQ Installation CQ Execution Trace PurePull DataQuery

CQ System Adminstration Services

Browsing Installed CQs Information Source Update Metadata Object Manager

Walkthrough Demo by Examples

ALP data

Monitoring Inventory Levels
Example 1: Monitor equipment authorization and notify me weekly when the requried quantity of any item is more than 10 units.
[Install and Run]

Example 2:
Check the quantity of inventory items every week for the next 5 months, and notify me if the quantity of any item in stock exceeds the storage cap.
[Install and Run]

Example 3:
Check the unit equipment assets every day and notify me when the quantity on hand drops below 10.
[Install and Run]

Monitoring Unexpected Problems
Example 4:
Monitor Ammunition inventory and notify me within 1 hour in the next four months if any item falls below the onhand quantity of 1000.
[Install and Run]

Example 5:
Report to me every 5 hours if any inventory item is out of stock.
[Install and Run]

Example 6:
Report to me everyday at 11:00am in the next 10 weeks if the demand of any stock item is higher than the planned inventory.
[Install and Run]

Monitoring Item Movement
Example 7:
Notify me when there is a new ammunition shipment of less than 100 units due in. Check every week for the next 7 months.
[Install and Run]

Test data

Monitoring Inventory Levels
Example 8:
Track the inventory level of ammunition everyday at 7:30 a.m. for the next six weeks. Notify me if the quantity on hand of any ammunition is below 1000.
[Install and Run]

Example 9:
Monitor the inventory level of 120 mm ammunition in the next 50 days, and notify me every 60 minutes whenever the actual amount of 120 mm ammunition changes.
[Install and Run]

Monitoring Unexpected Problems
Example 10:
Report to me everyday at 8 p.m. on items that did not arrive on time.
[Install and Run]

Monitoring Item Movement
Example 11:
Notify me every 5 hours in the next two months whenever the quantity of any inventory item changes due to a new arrival.
[Install and Run]

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