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Testimonials from LBD™ Teachers and Students

"Science class is cool. It's much easier to learn things because we experiment with all the variables."
--LBD Student

"[The students] were using their hands and using the tools to create their own information. I might give them a nudge but they were the ones coming up and saying, "What about this? "I found this." They were in control of their learning and how far they went. They brought their knowledge out. "
-- LBD Teacher

"Science is so much fun now. It's a lot more interesting than just sitting in a classroom reading and doing questions in a book. I actually look forward to going to science this year."
--LBD Student

"[The students] knew what they wanted to do. They couldn't get in the classroom fast enough to get going. ...They knew the routine, they knew how to test, they wanted to get going. Before, I had to drag them into the classroom and break up their socializing to get them to come into class."
--LBD Teacher

"I would recommend this way of learning science because I really liked it. It was different from learning regular science because it was like I was working for something. Like I was working for a goal not just schoolwork."
--LBD Student

"I like learning science this way because it helps me do better in science. I am really a language arts kind of person. [LBD] let's me use what I'm good at in here and I am doing better in science that I ever did before."
--LBD Student

"I always thought [inquiry-based learner-centered teaching] would be a great way to teach, that the kids would get more out of it, but I didn't think it was right for me. I didn't think I would be able to do it because I like to have a lot of control in the classroom and I hate chaos. I've been teaching too long to change that... But now I don't think I will ever teach any other way. I run my classroom the same way, well, generally the same. I'm still in control. I had to get used to more noise and activity and allowing questions to go unanswered, which is probably the hardest part, but I manage my classroom in much the same way as I always have and I know the questions will get answered. "
-- LBD Teacher

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