Professor Haesun ParkHaesun Park
Office: Klaus 1308
Phone: 404-385-2170
Fax: 404-385-7337

Current Research Interests

Numerical Computing, Large Scale Data Analytics, Visual Analytics, Text Analysis, Social Network Analysis, Parallel Computing, Bioinformatics

Recent Research Projects

  • Fast Algorithms on Imperfect, Heterogeneous, Distributed Data for Interactive Analysis
  • Hypergraph Analysis and Clustering
  • Nonnegative Matrix and Tensor Factorizations
  • Text Analysis and Fast Algorithms for Large-scale Topic Discovery
  • Visual Analytics for Large-scale Targeted Topic Modeling and Search Space Reduction
  • MPI-based Framework for Alternating-Updating Nonnegative Matrix Factorization and open-source software development
  • Dimension Reduction and Data Reduction: Foundations for Visualization
  • Multi-scale Characterization of Document Themes, Granularity, and Triage
  • Lower Dimensional Representation of Massive Data
  • Adaptive Dimension Reduction and Classification