CS4290/CS6290HPCA High-Performance Computer Architecture

Fall 2011

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Instructor: Prof. Hyesoon Kim
Email: hyesoon at cc dot gatech dot edu
Office hours: Tu/Th 4:30-5:00
Office: KACB 2344
Class time: Tu/Th 3:00-4:30
Class room: KACB 1443
TA:Nagesh B Lakshminarayana
TA office hours: M/W 3:00-4:00

[12/8] Exam 2 question is posted.
[11/1] CS6290 Project guideline is posted (in homework page)
[11/1] Assignment #4 is posted.
[10/19]Lab#2 (aka Prog #2) test commands are posted in T-square resource section.
[10/19] FAQ3 is updated.
[9/27] Another sample exam is posted.
[9/26] Prog2.html file is updated.
[9/16] Sample Exam is posted.
[9/15] The grade of Assignment #1 is returned (please see T-square) and solutions are posted.
[9/13] Assignment #2 is posted.
[9/6] Student information sheet is posted. Please complete this.
[9/3] Trace generator editor file is posted.
[9/1] Test case is posted.
[8/25] Assignment #1 is posted.