CS4803PGC/CS8803PGC Design and Programming of Game Consoles

Spring 2012

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Reading List

Red Tags indicate "must read" papers. For ACM, IEEE publications, you can use LibX.

Nintendo DS GPU Introduction OpenGL Design GPU Simulator Introduction to Rasterization Frame Buffer Early GPUs Texture Memory Parallel graphics architecture Programmable GPU
Geometry Engine A-Buffer
  • Real-time Shading More on hardware Rasterization Ray Processing
    Some Patents Before having the name of GPUs... Others
    XBOX 360 CPU architecture SIMD IBM cell architecture Intel Larrabee
    • [LRB] Larrabee: a many-core x86 architecture for visual computing, Larry Seiler, Doug Carmean, Eric Sprangle, Tom Forsyth, Michael Abrash, Pradeep Dubey, Stephen Junkins, Adam Lake, Jeremy Sugerman, Robert Cavin, Roger Espasa, Ed Grochowski, Toni Juan, Pat Hanrahan, August 2008,SIGGRAPH '08: SIGGRAPH 2008 papers

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