CS 1100
Freshman Leap Seminar

Please visit this page frequently so that you know when and where you're supposed to be. Bring a friend. Start a sewing circle.

Date Topic
August 23 Individual Sections
August 30 Large Group: People by Beki Grinter
September 6 Large Group: Intelligence by Aaron Bobick
September 13 Large Group: Modeling by Richard Fujimoto
September 20 Large Group: Foundations by Dana Randall
September 27 Large Group: Media by Mark Guzdial
October 4 Large Group: Information Internetworks by Ellen Zegura
October 11
Drop Day is 10/12
Large Group: Platformsby Gabriel Loh
October 18 Large Group: Embodiment by Tucker Balch
October 25 Large Group: with
Rich DeMillo, Dean of the College of Computing
Charles Isbell
your advisors
International Programs
November 1 Individual Sections
November 8 Individual Sections
November 15 Individual Sections
November 22 Holiday
November 29 Individual Sections
December 6 Individual Sections