Friday, June 22nd, Ballroom E.
at CVPR 2018 in Salt Lake City, Utah

What is this event about?

Wondering what it takes to be a good CVPR reviewer? A good Area Chair? A good author? Wondering what you should be thinking about when you are asked to vote on a variety of motions at the PAMI TC meeting? How you can help maintain a good representation of various demographic groups? How you can stay organized, collaborative.. just overall, how you should approach being a good citizen of the CVPR community? Come listen to our invited speakers and participate in the panel discussion!

The culture of our community plays a critical role in how the science we do gets disseminated; and as a result, how the work we do makes impact in the world. What the community values significantly affects many decisions that influence people's careers in significant ways. And this in turn, influences the kind of work we as a community continue to do over time. But these aspects rarely get discussed in forums that are widely accessible to our rapidly growing community.

This event on how to be a good citizen of the CVPR community will provide a forum for these conversations.


Adriana Kovashka
University of Pittsburgh
Bill Freeman
Google & MIT
Cordelia Schmid
INRIA & Google
Derek Hoiem
Reconstruct & UIUC
Devi Parikh
FAIR & Georgia Tech
Georgia Gkioxari
Facebook AI Research
Jitendra Malik
FAIR & UC Berkeley
Katsushi Ikeuchi
MSR & Univ. of Tokyo
Kristen Grauman
UT Austin
Michael Brown
York University
Sven Dickinson
University of Toronto
Timnit Gebru
Microsoft Research


Friday, June 22nd, Ballroom E.
Format: Title (Topics) Note: Some titles are tentative.

Morning session I

9:00 to 9:10
Opening remarks
9:10 to 9:30
How to Write a Good CVPR Submission (How to write a good conference paper, how to give a good talk)
9:30 to 9:50
Rights and Obligations (Good review and bad review, constructive criticism)
9:50 to 10:10
(How to create an inclusive and welcoming culture at CVPR and not have a "clique" culture)
10:10 to 10:30
Strengthening our Community through Mentorship, Leadership, and Inclusiveness (Mentorship, leadership, diversity, interdisciplinarity, inclusiveness)
10:30 to 11:00
Morning break

Morning session II

11:00 to 11:20
Tips for Preparing a Clear Talk
11:20 to 11:40
Doing (Good) Research
11:40 to 12:00
(Research in context, impact of persuasive images on society, education and outreach, research with undergrads, fostering and mentoring students)
12:00 to 1:30
On your own

Afternoon session I

1:30 to 1:50
How to Write a Good Paper
1:50 to 2:05
(How to be a good reviewer or area chair, how to do good research, proper evaluation)
2:05 to 2:20
Principles to Thrive in the Research Community (Thinking about research goals in light of working within a community, reviewing, being an Area Chair)
2:20 to 2:35
Calendar. Not to-do lists. (Time management: Viewing time as space.)
2:35 to 2:55
(The importance of collaborations between researchers, reproducibility of published work (including open sourcing))
2:55 to 3:10
Welcome 大家 (Better integration of the Western and Eastern vision communities)
3:10 to 3:30
What PCs told ACs for CVPR 18 (How to be a good Area Chair)
3:30 to 4:00
Afternoon break

Afternoon session II

4:00 to 5:25
Q&A + discussion
5:25 to 5:30
Closing remarks


Devi Parikh
FAIR & Georgia Tech
Dhruv Batra
FAIR & Georgia Tech


Thanks to Abhishek Das and Aishwarya Agrawal for expressing sufficient enthusiasm to attend such an event that made it seem worth organizing. Additional thanks to Abhishek for the webpage format.