Santosh S. Vempala

College of Computing, ISYE, Math
Frederick P. Storey II chair
Vision Aid, ARC

(Spring 2020) CS6550/CS8803DAA: Continuous Algorithms: Optimization and Sampling

Family (in r.c.o.) Pablo, Sofia, Rosa (a podcast about her work!), Naresh, Mom and Dad.

Research areas Algorithms, Geometry, Randomness. (C.V.)

Advisees Current: Samantha Petti, Samira Samadi, Aditi Laddha, He Jia, Mehrdad Ghadiri Postdocs

C4G Projects Safe and Easy Passwords!, LifeNet, C4G BLIS, Shelter-to-Home, BSIS/Vein-to-Vein, O.P.E.A.C.E.

Publications View all papers or by topic; STOC/SoCG 2016 keynote, STOC 2015 tutorial, and a package for high-dimensional sampling and integration.

The KLS Conjecture (with Yin Tat Lee), Current Developments in Mathematics, 2017.
Randomized Algorithms in Numerical Linear Algebra (with Ravi Kannan), Acta Numerica, 2017.
Spectral Algorithms (NOW, 2009).
The Random Projection Method (AMS, 2004; paperback 2006).
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Editor Theory of Computing (a free, electronic journal)

UROC Models for Categorization; Password Games