Final Projects


CS 3651 teaches computer science students just enough electrical and mechanical engineering to be dangerous. Students learn how to interface computers with the real world by building computer controlled appliances that use sensors and actuators to interface with the physical world.

At the end of the course they form project teams that design, build, and document their appliance and the building process.

  • Lecturer: Jay Summet
  • Email: summetj [at]
  • Office: CCB 123-B

Automatic Guitar Tuner

The idea: To build an automatic guitar tuner. When a string is plucked on a guitar, a unit figures out the pitch of the string and drives a motor to turn the peg until it matches a specified note.

Candy Launcher

The Candy Launcher is a device that launches a piece of candy at a target that the device acquires. Currently, the target is acquired using a Wiimote to scan for and center in on an infrared light source. A servo motor is used to control the rotation of the device during the scanning, and a second servo motor is used to trigger the spring loaded catapult.

Dynamic Dance Floor

A dance floor that reacts to the music being played and the movements of the dancers through the use of pressure switches by changing the color and intensity of LED lights set into the floor.

Laser Cutter

A computer controlled two axis (X/Y) table can be used for many purposes. In this case, it will guide a cutting laser that can be used for manufacturing.