Aaron Bobick

Interactive Computing, College of Computing, Georgia Tech



Here is a list of current and past students.   


PhD Students

Tucker Hermans

Kelsey Hawkins

Nam Vo

MS Students

Shray Bansal



Nasser Navab (1992-1994) MIT Media Lab Joined Siemens Corporate Research; now Professor at Munich Univ.

PhD  Students

Georgia Tech

Raffay Hamid, 2008, Research Staff Disney Pittsburgh

Jie Sun, 2008,  Lehman Bros

Yifan Shi, 2006, Google

Delphine Nain, 2006, Associate Partner McKinssey

Vivek Kwatra,  2005 Google Research

Amos Johnson, PhD ECE, 2002, faculty at Morehouse Collee

Rawesak Tanawongsuwan, PhD CoC, 2003, instructor in Thailand

MIT Media Lab

Stephen Intille, PhD Media Lab, MIT (1999), Professor at Northeastern Univ.

Claudio Pinhanez, PhD, Media Lab, MIT (1999), RS at IBM Research

Andy Wilson, PhD, Media Lab, MIT (2000), RS at Microsoft Research

Jim Davis, PhD, Media Lab, MIT (2000),  Professor at Ohio State Univ.

Lee Campbell, PhD Media Lab, MIT (2001), RS at  Boston Heart

Yuri Ivanov, PhD, Media Lab, MIT (2002), RS  at ReThink Robotics