Elizabeth Mynatt, GVU Center Director

Beth is the GVU Center Director, the HCC Ph.D. Program Faculty Coordinator and an Associate Professor in the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Learn more about Beth on her GVU faculty profile.

Vivian T. Chandler, CEcD, Assistant Director, External Relations

Vivian is primarily responsible for managing projects for the external relations office and establishing and maintaining relationships with sponsors that have formed or intend to form strategic partnerships with the Interactive and Intelligent Computing school and the GVU Center. She works with the director to ensure an effective and collaborative atmosphere among all team members. Her duties include:

  • Work with faculty to identify, develop and maintain relationships that lead to viable partnerships
  • Interface with other groups on campus to facilitate fundraising for IIC and GVU
  • Organize and plan programs that further the missions of IIC and GVU
  • Work with communications and public relations staff to increase awareness of the programs

Leisha Chappell, Information Specialist II

Leisha is responsible for gathering information, writing and editing copy and producing GVU publications, including brochures, posters, flyers, etc. These publications promote GVU faculty, research and activities such as the Master of Science Degree Program in Human-Computer Interaction, the Industrial Affiliates Program and the Brown Bag Series. In addition, she maintains the GVU web site and provides support for special events and other functions as needed.

Tina Crouch, Accountant II

Tina manages the GVU's finances.

Don Schoner, Assistant to the Director of GVU

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