The majority of readings listed below are chapters or sections from our textbook, Human-Computer Interaction, 3rd edition, by Dix, Finlay, Abowd and Beale, Prentice Hall, 2003. As you can see, we will be skipping around in terms of reading assignments, so keep up and listen in class for any changes or modifications. We also will use the book The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman as a second course text. A number of supplementary readings will be passed out in class as well. There is no excuse for ignorance of the assigned reading material.

Date Topic ReadingLectureAssignments
Week 1
Jan 9 Introduction & History of HCI Intro PPT, B/W
Jan 11Project overview, IRB, UCD PPT, B/W HW 1, P0
Week 2
Jan 16 Usability principles 2,3,4,7 PPT, B/W
Jan 18 Human abilities 1 PPT, B/W P1
Week 3
Jan 23Predictive Evaluation9 PPT, B/W
Jan 25Understanding Users, Reqts. Gathering PPT, B/W
Week 4
Jan 30Task analysis 13,15 PPT, B/W
Abowd PPT
Week 5
Feb 6 Design 5 PPT, B/W
Feb 8Graphic design PPT, B/W HW 2, P2
Week 6
Feb 13 Handling errors & help11 PPT, B/W
Feb 15Prototyping & UI Software 6 PPT, B/W
Week 7
Feb 20Midterm Exam
Feb 22Poster Session
Week 8
Feb 27Interaction Styles 1 14, 16 PPT, B/W
Mar 1Interaction styles 2 18 PPT, B/W HW 3, P3
Week 9
Mar 6 User Models13 PPT, B/W
Mar 8Predictive Models Nardi PPT, B/W
Week 10
Mar 13 Evaluation 19 PPT, B/W
Mar 15Project work day
Week 11
Mar 20Spring Break - No class
Mar 22Spring Break - No class
Week 12
Mar 27Evaluation 2 PPT, B/W
Mar 29Evaluation 3 PPT, B/W
Week 13
Apr 3 Universal design 10 PPT, B/W P4
Apr 5Information visualization PPT, B/W HW 4
Week 14
Apr 10 Web21 PPT, B/W
Apr 12 Embodied agents PPT, B/W
Week 15
Apr 17 CSCW 19 PPT, B/W
Apr 19 Ubicomp 20 PPT, B/W
Week 16
Apr 24Project presentations (1)
Apr 26project presentations (2) & Final exam
Week 17