The research activities of the AEL focus on understanding how to build interactive computing environments that directly augment a user's senses with computer generated material.

While most of our work can be refered to as Augmented Reality, we prefer to use the term Augmented Environments because it captures our interest in augmenting the user's perception, and emphasizes our focus on the interaction between the user and their environment.

Our interest lies at two levels: understanding AE interfaces, and understanding the software architectures and tools necessary to create AE interfaces easily. Current projects in our lab span computer graphics, HCI, computer systems and software engineering, and design.

  Blair MacInyre interviewed on NPR's Smart City, as part of a show titled "Blue Ocean Strategy"

Smart City is a weekly public radio talk show that takes an in-depth look at urban life, the people, places, ideas and trends shaping cities. In the ten-minute interview, Dr. MacIntyre discusses a variety of work taking place in the AEL, including the Voices of Oakland project in Oakland Cemetery (with Jay Bolter in LCC, Jaemin Lee and Steven Dow), the DART project (with Jay, Steven and Maribeth Gandy) and the Kimura Augmented Office project (with Elizabeth Mynatt and the Everyday Computing Lab).

  AEL Research the focus of MIT Technology Review Article "Augmented Reality: Another (Virtual) Brick in the Wall"

A variety of the lab's research is the focus of this article on the MIT Technology Review web site.  The articles covers our work on audio-based AR experiences in Oakland cemetery, error-adaptive AR systems, DART (our AR toolkit for designers), amoung other things. (link, pdf copy)

  "The Voices of Oakland" demonstrated during "Sunday in the Park" event at Oakland Cemetery

During Oakland Cemetery's Sunday in the Park event, members of the AEL, in conjunction with researchers and students from the LCC and IMTC, demonstrated "The Voices of Oakland" (VoO), an audio-only augmented reality experience.  This experience is a dramatic tour of the cemetery, led by the ghost of Franklin Garrett, known as Atlanta's official historian. VoV was created with DART (our AR design software).  (more information)

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