AEL Projects:

Accounting for Uncertainty in Mobile AR Systems

AIBAS: Adaptive Intent-Based Augmentation System

Alice's Adventures in New Media

AR Scene Graph



Augmented Office Environments

Augmented Reality for Poultry Inspection

Butterfly Effect

DART: The Designers Augmented Reality Toolkit

Four Angry Men

Live-Virtual Training Integration

Media Design for Augmented Reality

Presence and Aura in AR Experiences

Sweet Auburn

The Real-World Wide Web

The Voices of Oakland

Three Angry Men

Current projects in our lab span computer graphics, HCI, computer systems and software engineering, and design. They include:

  • Augmenting Surfaces in Individual Offices
    • Kimura: Peripheral Displays to Support Multitasking in Individual Offices
  • Supporting Design
    • AR and New Media Design
    • Rapid Prototyping and Testing of AR Experiences (DART)
    • Evaluation of AR Experiences
  • Designing Toolkits and Architectures
    • AIBAS: Adaptive Intent-based Augmentation System
    • OSGAR: An AR Toolkit Support Uncertainty
    • DART: The Designer's AR Toolkit
    • ARToolkit: Enhanced Accuracy Marker Tracking
  • Task-focused AR Applications
    • Adapting to Dynamic Errors
    • Live-Virtual Training Integration
    • Inspection in Poultry Processing Plants
    • The Real-World Wide Web
  • Dramatic and Narrative AR Experiences
    • Alice's Adventures in New Media
    • Three or Four Angry Men
    • The Ghosts of Sweet Auburn
    • ARCraft
    • AR Puzzle Games
    • The Voices of Oakland
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