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Accounting for Uncertainty in Mobile AR Systems

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paperpic missing   High-Level Tracker Abstractions for Augmented Reality System Design
In this paper we argue that because there is no ideal tracking system, the choice of which tracking technology to use ends up being the most crucial decision to be made and this in turn affects the whole application development process. We claim that a tracker abstraction that help the application developer reason about the final result of tracker uncertainty (the registration error) instead of its source, is necessary for a new class of applications that conform to a heterogeneous tracking environment to be developed. We then introduce a method to achieve this intended result.

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Enylton Machado Coelho and Blair MacIntyre. "High-Level Tracker Abstractions for Augmented Reality System Design” In the International Workshop on Software Technology for AR Systems 2003 (STARS 2003), October 7, 2003, Tokyo, Japan.

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