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Blair MacIntyre

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Augmented Office Environments

paperpic missing   Support For Multitasking and Background Awareness Using Interactive Peripheral Displays
In this paper, we describe Kimura, an augmented office environment to support common multitasking practices. Previous systems, such as Rooms, limit users by constraining the interaction to the desktop monitor. In Kimura, we leverage interactive projected peripheral displays to support the perusal, manipulation and awareness of background activities. Furthermore, each activity is represented by a montage comprised of images from current and past interaction on the desktop. These montages help remind the user of past actions, and serve as a springboard for ambient context-aware reminders and notifications.

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MacIntyre, Blair; Mynatt, Elizabeth D.; Voida, Stephen; Hansen, Klaus Marius; Tullio, Joe and Corso, Gregory M., "Support For Multitasking and Background Awareness Using Interactive Peripheral Displays." In Proceedings of ACM UIST '01 Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (Orlando, Florida, USA, November 11-14), ACM Press, 41-50.

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