Corporate Affiliates Program

Corporate Affiliates Program (CAP) 2014-15

This program offers your company branding opportunities and access to the College of Computing’s (CoC) talented student body, while providing them with experiences that will enhance their development into your future corporate assets.

Who are the 2014-2015 CAP partners? Explore the amazing companies who have partnered with the College of Computing on our CAP Partners highlight page.

$20,000 CAP Engagement Opportunity
  • CoC Career Fair (Fall & Spring Semesters)
    • Space for Interviews
    • Room for Information Session
  • CoC Career Fair Student Reception (Fall Semester)
  • Day in the Lobby (Fall & Spring Semesters)
    • Breakfast: Coffee and Doughnuts
    • Lunch: Pizza or Sandwich selection
    • Complementary Extras: Prize Wheel; Popcorn; Cotton Candy; Balloons
  • CoC Information Session (Fall & Spring Semesters)
    • Room
    • Dinner
  • Interview Rooms (Fall & Spring Semesters)
  • CAP Marketing Package: Tailoring your message for CoC student audience
    • Digital Signage
    • Posters (30+ internal and external)
    • Directed Emails
    • Event Postings (College Website)
    • Job Postings (College and Campus Websites)
    • Job Description Modifications for CoC student audience
  • CoC Social Media Presence
    • Facebook: Ability to post to CoC page
    • Facebook: Posts (with photographs) of your corporation’s events
    • Twitter: Tweets of your corporation’s events
  • Meetings with CoC Student Organizations (Fall & Spring Semesters)
  • Present to a regularly scheduled student organization meeting (Select from 25 CoC Student Organizations)
Additional Engagement Opportunities available for CoC Corporate Partners*
  • Sponsor a Hackathon
  • Sponsor a Puzzle Challenge 
  • Sponsor a Field Trip to your corporation
  • Sponsor a CoC Student Programming Competition
  • Sponsor the annual Grace Hopper experience for CoC Students
  • Sponsor the Tapia experience for CoC Students 
  • Social Media Give Away
  • Social Media Challenge

Giving levels vary for additional engagement opportunities

Please contact us so that we may continue to develop relationships and design events that will provide our students with knowledge about your company, as well as providing you with insight and contacts that will improve your recruiting position on campus.

Meg Poitevint

Office of Development

Marielle Thomas

Office of Outreach, Enrollment and Engagement