Yunfei Bai published Synthesis of Concurrent Object Manipulation Tasks in SIGGRAPH Asia (Sep, 2012)
This work presents a physics-based method to synthesize concurrent object manipulation using a variety of manipulation strategies.

Sehoon Ha published Falling and Landing Motion Control for Character Animation in SIGGRAPH Asia (Sep, 2012)
This work presents a physically-based controller to generate agile and natural human landing motions in real-time.

Jie Tan presented Soft Body Locomotion at SIGGRAPH (Aug, 2012)
This work presents a physically-based system to simulate and control the locomotion of soft body characters without skeletons.

Yuting Ye presented Synthesis of Detailed Hand Manipulations Using Contact Sampling at SIGGRAPH (Aug, 2012)
This work introduces a new method for creating human activities that involve both gross full-body motion and detailed hand manipulation of objects.

Jarek Rossignac presented SAM: Steady Affine Motions and Morphs at SIGGRAPH (Aug, 2012)
This paper defines steady motions and discusses their computation and applications. Jarek pointed out that a steady motion between two affinities is the equivalent of the straight line motion between two points, and hence is arguably the most fundamental animation primitive.

Greg Turk won SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics Achievement Award (Aug, 2012)
Greg Turk is being recognized with the 2012 Computer Graphics Achievement Award for his contributions to physically-inspired mathematical application in graphics, particularly his work on texture synthesis, geometric modeling, and physical simulation involving thin structures.

Karen Liu won SIGGRAPH Significant New Researcher Award (Aug, 2012)
ACM SIGGRAPH is delighted to present the 2012 Significant New Researcher award to Karen Liu, in recognition of her pioneering contributions in the field of computer animation, particularly her work in optimization and control of human motion.

Karthik Raveendran presented Controlling Liquids Using Meshes at SCA (Aug, 2012)
This paper presents an approach for artist-directed animation of liquids using multiple levels of control over the simulation, ranging from the overall tracking of desired shapes to highly detailed secondary effects such as dripping streams, separating sheets of fluid, surface waves and ripples.

Jason Williams received PhD from Georgia Tech (Aug, 2012)
Jason's dissertation is titled: Tightening and Blending Subject to Set-Theoretic Constraints which deals with construction of tight separating surfaces.

Jarek Rossignac presented "SAMBA: Steadied Choreographies" at Symposium on Computational Aesthetics (June, 2012)
This work focuses on automatic beautification of the motion of a group of points (possibly representing positions of dancers).

Yuting Ye received PhD from Georgia Tech (May, 2012)
Yuting Ye successfully defended her thesis on "Simulation of Characters with Natural Interactions". Yuting will be joining Industrial Light & Magic upon graduation.

Wei Zhuo presented Curvature-based Offset Distance: Implementation and Applications at SMI (May, 2012)
This work utilizes Minkowski-Steiner theorem for curvature based local volume preserving bending and compensation.

Jarek Rossignac published "HelSweeper: Screw-sweeps of Canal Surfaces" in CAD (Feb, 2012)
This work describes an exact formulation of the boundaries of regions swept by tubular structures under screw motions.