Hadi Esmaeilzadeh

Assistant Professor


Hadi Esmaeilzadeh, Assistant professor in SCS, recently received his PhD in CS from the University of Washington, where he was advised by Doug Burger and Luis Ceze.

Hadi specializes in computer architecture, notably for his work on dark silicon. About 2005, we hit the power limits needed to create faster processors. Moore's law continued and instead we began to put multiple CPUs or cores on a chip. But as our multicore computers gains more cores we will soon hit power issues powering all the cores at once. The paradigm of Dark Silicon seeks to address that problem by keeping only a fraction of the cores powered while the rest remain "dark". This work was chosen as a CACM Research Highlight.

Hadi's work on Power-Performance Measurement was also chosen as a CACM Research Highlight. He received the first Allchin Early Career Professorship Award for AY2013-14.

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