Schedule of Topics and Deadlines:

Note: The topics for the lectures may shift a bit, but the due dates for the assignments and semester projects will not.

August 18: Introduction
August 20: InfoVis Overview (Due: Survey (if you’re registered for class) and Potential Overload Requests (if you’d like to get into the class))

August 25: Visual perception (Due: HW 1)
August 27: Why visualization? The Value of Vis

September 1: no class - labor day
September 3: Multivariate data - tables and graphs

September 8: Few’s design guidance
September 10: Multivariate visual representations 1 (Due: HW 2)

September 15: Multivariate visual representations 2 (Project Milestone 1)
September 17: Tasks and Analysis

September 22: (@HLF) InfoVis systems & toolkits
September 24: (@HLF) Commercial systems demos ( / project working session?)

September 29: Tufte’s design principles (Due: HW 3a / HW 3b)
October 1: Graphs and networks 1

October 6: Graphs and networks 2 (and short guest lecture at beginning of class)
October 8: (project poster session) (Project Milestone 2)

October 13: no class - fall break
October 15: (@VACCINE) discuss project feedback

October 20: Hierarchies and Trees (Due: HW 4)
October 22: Interaction (Project Milestone 3)

October 27: Text and Documents 1
October 29: Text and Documents 2 (Due: HW 5)

November 3: (@SDI) Time series data
November 5: Overview and Detail

November 10: (@VIS) Text and Documents Research -- Guest Lecture
November 12: (@VIS) Visual Analytics Research -- Guest Lecture

November 17: Visual analytics 1(Due: HW 6)
November 19: Visual analytics 2

November 24: Vis on other devices (Due: HW 7)
November 26: (Project work day)

[dw] December 1: Evaluation (week of, Project Milestone 4)
[dw] December 3: Review

December 9, by 8:00pm (Project Milestone 5)
December 10, 2:50 - 5:40pm Final Exam

Good information to know

It is expected that students will come to class, be prepared by doing the readings, and will pay attention and participate in discussions. Doing all three regularly will earn full credit. I particularly value active participation in discussion during, and outside of, class. I understand that laptops, tablets, and smartphones are a valuable part of our learning experience. I expect that you will use them for productive reasons during class time. If you want to surf the internet on your laptop in class, take another course.

In this course, intellectual collaboration is encouraged. Feel free to meet with classmates outside of class, talk to your roommate about the topics we discuss and read about, etc. However, the rules from the Office of Student Integrity still apply. Be careful and thoughtful.

Lecture Notes
All lecture notes will be posted on t-square the week of the lecture.