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projectpic missing   Four Angry Men
Four Angry Men (4AM) is the second version of our single-narrative, multiple point-of-view augmented reality experience, in which the viewer/user becomes a participant in an abridged version of "Twelve Angry Men." As with the first version (Three Angry Men), the user witnesses the drama from the viewpoint of one of four jurors, and her perception of the scene reflects the expectations, beliefs, and prejudices of that juror. The user sits in one chair in a physical space representing the jury room. Through the head-worn display she can see three other virtual jurors (as texture-mapped video) occupying other chairs in the room. The user herself hears the words of the fourth juror, whose seat she is occupying. At any time the user can get up, move to another chair, and assume the point of view (POV) of another juror. See the Three Angry Men web page for further discussion of the genesis of this project.

Based on our initial experiences with Three Angry Men, we redesigned the experience and created 4AM. Our goal with 4AM is to deploy and test the hypotheses on which the experience is based. We would like to answer questions such as "Do single-narrative, multiple point-of-view experiences feel constrained, or does the participant feel in control?", "Do participants feel differently about the content and the experience based on their particular path through the viewpoints?", and "Does the physical space affect the perception of the experience?"

This work was supported by a GVU Seed Grant.

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