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personpic missing   Jaemin Lee

M.S. Human Computer Interaction Georgia Institute of Technology, 2005

E-Mail: jaemin.lee(at)

Phone: (404)385-1104

GVU Center, College of Computing
TSRB, 85 Fifth St., NW
Atlanta, GA 30308

Jaemin has worked on augmented reality (AR) since her first year as a graduate research assistant and continued on her master's project under the guidance of Professor MacIntyre and Professor Bolter. She has been involved in various AR projects such as DART and Four Angry Men. In particular, she built a historical AR experience, The Voices of Oakland, using the Designer's Augmented Reality Toolkit (DART), in conjunction with AR researchers. The Voices of Oakland uses augmented reality technology to introduce visitors to the historic site, the Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta. Recently, the project-related paper was accepted for presentation at the CHI 2005 conference.

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