Ph.D. in Algorithms, Combinatorics & Optimization

The College of Computing is one of the sponsors of the multidisciplinary program in Algorithms, Combinatorics & Optimization (ACO), an approved doctoral degree program at Georgia Tech. The other sponsoring units are the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering and the School of Mathematics.

The degree program is administered by an oversight committee drawn primarily from the sponsoring units. The study of discrete structures is a rapidly growing area in computer science, applied mathematics, and operations research, most obviously in the analysis of algorithms, combinatorics, and discrete optimization. Collaborative work among the three traditionally separate disciplines is already common.

The doctorate in ACO will prepare students for careers in this exciting and expanding field. Students are expected to be well prepared in at least one of the three fields represented by the sponsoring units (computer science, mathematics, and operations research). Each student in the program is admitted through one of the three sponsoring units, which serves as the home department. Coursework is drawn from all three disciplines. The research advisor may be any member of the ACO program faculty, which is drawn from the three sponsoring units.

View the joint Ph.D. ACO degree website for program details.

If this kind of work interests you and fits with your career aspirations, why not go ahead and apply?