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Mentoring Program

Mentorship is an important part of a student’s personal and professional development

At the College of Computing, we understand that a student’s college career is about discovery and growth – personally, professionally, and socially. While much of this growth takes place in the typical academic and social environments on campus, it also happens in the individual connections made with peers and alumni. 

GT Computing students and alumni have several opportunities to participate in mentorship programs on-campus and virtually. 

Leaving my small, rural hometown for a far and unfamiliar city like Atlanta was a bit unsettling, but also very exciting. The assimilation to my new environment would have been more difficult if I was not part of a community. Instead of being thrown into the college experience alone, I was able to meet people, which made the adjustment more comfortable and enjoyable. By being a mentor, I will be part of that community to make sure each new student’s transition is positive, comfortable and enjoyable.” 

Cody Kantor, BS CS ‘22

GT Computing First-Year Cohort Peer Mentor Program

Our primary goal for the first-year peer mentorship program is to assist our incoming students in making the transition to the College of Computing and the greater GT community as positive, and seamless, as possible. Through this program, mentors serve as campus role models and provide guidance to incoming students as they adjust to college life, become aware of campus culture and resources, and engage in various activities within the College of Computing and across campus. 

Peer mentors are paired together in groups of 2-44 to support one of the incoming cohorts of computing students. Mentors can expect an average time commitment of about 1 hour per week during the summer and about 3 hours per week during the fall semester. In addition to the responsibilities below, mentors will receive monthly training on key topics associated with adjusting to the first year of college, as well as the opportunity to participate in select events and activities.

The responsibilities of a mentor include:

·       Being a TA for CS 1100 

·       Communicating with incoming students during the summer and fall through social media, email, and other forms of communication

·       Participating in 1 social event with their mentees each month throughout the fall semester

If you are interested in becoming a peer mentor, please submit your completed application to Tamar Wilkins.

Mentor Jackets

Mentor Jackets is an alumni-to-student mentoring program sponsored through the Georgia Tech Alumni Association and the Georgia Tech Student Alumni Association. Students and alumni can choose to participate in one or both components of the program: 1:1 Mentoring and Minute Mentoring

To learn more about Mentor Jackets, or to register as an alumni mentor or student mentee, please visit the Mentor Jackets website