Two women sit outside with laptop and robotic toy car
Two women sit outside with laptop and robotic toy car
Two women sit outside with laptop and robotic toy car

Threads: A Better Way to Learn Computing

Make your degree “you.”
Traditionally, computer science students traverse two years of skill and knowledge development before they apply what they are learning to their own goals and career trajectory. With Threads, the revolutionary CS curriculum developed by the College of Computing, students combine regular computer science instruction with classes related to particular areas of application.
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The result is an intensely focused undergraduate program tailored to a student’s interests and real-world opportunities. Threads sets the standard for the future of computer science education in the United States.

Threads allows you to create your own individual computing degree. The College currently defines requirements for eight threads as listed below. Follow each link to learn more about the thread, its requirements and the resources available to learn more about projects or programs related to that thread.

NEW THREAD: The College of Computing is adding a new Cybersecurity and Privacy Thread in the 2024-25 catalog. Learn more.

Prospective Students

Who is your advisor?



A globe within a circle

Create devices embedded in physical objects that interact in the physical world.

Learn more about the Devices thread

Info Internetworks

A signal icon within a circle

Represent, transform, transmit, and present information.

Learn more about Information Internetworks


Three dots connected within a circle

Build top-to-bottom models of rational agents and human-level intelligence.

Learn more about the Intelligence thread


icon of a TV screen inside of a circle

Build systems to exploit computing’s abilities to provide creative outlets.

Learn more about the Media thread

Modeling & Simulation

3-D cube icon within a circle

Represent natural and physical processes.

Learn more about the Modeling & Simulation thread


icon of three people in a circle

Design, build, and evaluate systems that treat humans as the central component.

Learn more about the People thread

Systems & Architecture

Icon of three layers stacked

Create computer architectures, systems and languages.

Learn more about the Systems & Architecture thread


Four bars stacked like a pyramid

Discover the theoretical foundations underlying a wide range of computing disciplines.

Learn more about the Theory thread