a high angle photo of a career fair held at Georgia Tech's McCamish Pavilion

Corporate Recruiting

Given the pressures facing both graduating students and the companies trying to hire them, the College of Computing devotes much attention to preparing its students for the job world. At the Institute level, Georgia Tech’s Center for Career Discovery is a campus-wide career services operation that links corporate recruiters with students of all majors.

At the College of Computing, we have established our own Office of Career Services, uniquely tailored to the needs of companies and recruiters seeking top-notch computing talent. We host multi-day Career Fairs twice each year, once in the fall and again in the spring, as well as virtual career fairs, which attract a large number of undergraduate and graduate students. Our services are designed to provide you with a competitive edge in recruiting the best talent.

Our Career Services team is dedicated to providing comprehensive support for students. We offer 1x1 career counseling, training for crucial skills like interviewing and resume preparation, and a range of other services. This ensures that the students you recruit are not just academically strong, but also well-prepared for the professional world.

You can work with both career offices in parallel. Click the links below to learn more about how the College prepares our students for the professional world—and how you can benefit from that preparation.