Georgia Tech female grad student presenting a poster during a machine learning conference

Support the College

There are many ways to support the College of Computing. You can express your generosity by creating an endowment for perpetual support or making gifts directed toward current operations. For those interested in supporting faculty, contributions can be made to fund chairs, faculty awards, or research. Support for those who wish to fund students might include undergraduate scholarships or graduate fellowships. There are also some opportunities to invest and name facilities. The college also often tailors gifts to meet your interests. The below descriptions provide more detailed information for your convenience.

College Support

Current Operations

Current operating funds are available for use in the year they are received. Gifts may be designated to the college, one of the schools, and one of its research centers and may remain unrestricted in use therein. Such funds support core academic and programmatic goals and seed funds for emerging initiatives.

Gifts to Support Current Operating Funds: From $1,000

Dean's Fund

Endowment funds support the college in perpetuity, and a newly created endowed fund may carry the name of the donor or an honoree of their choice. The minimum to establish an endowment at the Georgia Tech College of Computing is $25,000.

The college encourages establishing an endowment for Dean’s Discretionary Funds. Unrestricted endowments such as this maximize the college's flexibility in meeting pressing and ever-changing needs and supporting new initiatives.

Named Endowment Fund to Support The Dean’s Fund: From $25,000

Faculty Support

The cornerstone of a great program is an outstanding faculty. The college boasts eminent teachers and scholars who contribute to new knowledge through innovative research and transmit this knowledge through teaching to the next generation. Permanent endowments are sought for the following:

Faculty Chairs

An endowed chair is among the most prestigious honors any educator can earn. Funding for endowed chairs provides the resources to attract and retain leading scholars in specific academic areas. The chair holders draw outstanding students, stimulate innovative research, mentor junior faculty, and aggressively seek leveraged funding from government and industrial sources.

Named Faculty Chair Endowment Fund: From $2,000,000

Faculty Professorships

Faculty professorships bridge the gap between early-career faculty awards and the recognition of achievement accorded to endowed chair holders. Endowed faculty professorships enable the College of Computing to attract and retain talented faculty members who stretch the boundaries of their disciplines and provide them with the resources to help them take their place among the next generation of faculty leaders.

Named Faculty Professorship Endowment Fund: From $1,000,000

Early-Career Faculty Awards

Endowed awards are given to the most promising faculty members at the beginning of their careers. These awards provide a significant incentive to attract and retain those who will become tomorrow’s leading teachers and scholars. Early-Career Faculty Awards are given for up to five years, providing support to encourage innovation in teaching and research, thereby nurturing the professional advancement of the named faculty member during the critical pre-tenure years.

Named Early-Career Faculty Endowment Award: From $500,000

Student Support

If faculty is the heart of the Institute, surely our students must be its soul. GT Computing students are the cream of the crop at Georgia Tech. Our commitment to them is first and foremost.

Undergraduate Scholarships

Endowment funds are sought to enhance the availability of merit-based scholarships in a competitive national market, to address demonstrated financial need so that the college remains accessible to every deserving student regardless of personal economic circumstance, and to enhance diversity within the student body.

Named Scholarship Endowment Fund  (Full): From $250,000

Named Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment Fund  (Partial): From $25,000

Graduate Fellowships

Recruiting nationally recognized graduate students in today’s engineering market is highly competitive. We must have an endowment providing regular fellowship funds to attract the most promising students to the college. With this financial incentive, we can attract exceptional students based on academic performance and leadership potential.

Named Graduate Fellowship Endowment Fund (Full): From $500,000

Named Graduate Fellowship Endowment Fund (Partial): From $25,000

Corporate Affiliates Program (CAP)

The CAP Program offers your company branding opportunities and access to the College of Computing’s talented students while providing them with experiences that will enhance their development into your future corporate assets.

If you want more information, please email Director of Development Paul Schultz.