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Ellen Zegura Named Second Regents’ Professor in School of Computer Science

College of Computing Professor Ellen Zegura has been named a Regents’ Professor.

The University System of Georgia and Georgia Tech recognizes tenured professors with this honor for their research excellence and contributions to the Institute. Zegura has made a career of networking and computing for social good research and teaching.

“Over my 27 years on the faculty at Georgia Tech, I have frequently been asked if I considered going elsewhere,” said Zegura, who is a Stephen P. Fleming Chair in Telecommunications in the School of Computer Science. “The answer is that I have been able to do so many interesting and different things all while remaining right here. I am proud to have witnessed and contributed to the incredible growth of the university.”

Zegura is a leader across computing. She was named head of the Computing Research Association’s Board of Directors in 2018. She also leads the Center for Computing and Societies and its partnership with Georgia State around public interest technologies, a program that partners Georgia Tech computer scientists with Georgia State University social scientists to address social inequities.

Her research also connects networking and public interest. Last year, Zegura received a $150,000 Mozilla grant to incorporate ethics to the undergraduate computing curriculum. She has also researched how to bring better networks to Native American tribal lands.

Prasad Tetali, a joint professor in the Schools of Computer Science and Math, also had his Regents’ professorship renewed this year. Interim Chair Mostafa Ammar is also a Regents’ Professor, and Professor Seymour Goodman holds one joint with the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs.

"Being named Regents' Professor at Georgia Tech is a recognition of a faculty member's long-term distinguished scholarly and service contributions to their intellectual discipline, the academic profession and the Institute,” said Ammar. “I was very pleased to see Ellen Zegura receive such a well-deserved recognition. Prasad Tetali's renewal of his 2017 Regents' Professor appointment is further recognition of his continued impact and contributions. "