Black Student Computing Organization Provides Resources and Support 

“We lift as we climb, no student left behind.” That’s the motto for Georgia Tech’s Black Student Computing Organization (BSCO), which has become a thriving community fostering academic success, corporate enrichment, and a sense of belonging among computing students of African descent. 

Established in 2004 and reformed this year, BSCO (pronounced as BISS-kohw) serves underrepresented students in computing. President and computer science (CS) major Devonte Billings says the club has evolved from including only CS and computational media majors to welcoming other computing concentrations like computer engineering. 

The Black Student Computing Organization provides resources and a
community for computing students. (Photos by Tola Faminu Media Productions)

Leadership and Mission 

Before reformation in 2023, membership had dwindled. Current leadership revived the organization and is shaping it to fit members’ needs. Billings, the executive team, and club founders have worked together to create an environment where students thrive academically, professionally, and personally.  

Membership has increased by more than 100 students this year thanks to recruiting efforts from Billings and his team. The executive board has also expanded with this growth. 

“Our mission revolves around three key pillars: academic support, corporate enrichment, and community security,” Billings said. These pillars form the organization's foundation, guiding its efforts to equip, embolden, and uphold each member as they navigate the challenges of pursuing computing disciplines at Georgia Tech. 

Academic Support 

One of the organization’s primary objectives is to provide robust academic support to its members and be a pipeline for resources throughout campus.  

BSCO maintains a platform for academic tutors and resources by connecting with tutoring departments and offices like the Office of Minority Education and Development (OMED). The group also hosts study nights and provides opportunities for students to form study groups. 

“It’s more than just resources and opportunities, it’s support,” Billings said.  

Corporate Enrichment 

BSCO understands the importance of building strong connections with the corporate world. Through coordinated career development workshops, hosted by corporate sponsors, the organization has established a valuable pipeline that connects members to a widespread network of company executives and recruiters.  

Past company partners include Google, Reddit, JP Morgan, Chick-fil-A, Verizon, The Trade Desk, Millennium, Meta, Microsoft, Capital One, and more. This network facilitates relationships with recruiters, job opportunities, internships, and invitations to corporate events.  

Additionally, the team strongly emphasizes practicing interview skills and ways to reduce interview anxiety.

Community Security 

At its core, Billings and the team are creating a safe space for friendship, connection, collaboration, and cultural esteem for Georgia Tech black students of all backgrounds. Weekly meetings and social events contribute to the sense of community within BSCO, creating an environment where members can support one another and celebrate successes.  

The BSCO team works to ensure members thrive and succeed in their computing journeys. As an official College of Computing student organization, the group is open to all students at Georgia Tech.

Follow them on Instagram @bscogt or email for more information.