Adrianna Brown and Charles Cardot

Newlyweds Reflect on Time at Georgia Tech, Wedding with Fellow Yellow Jackets

A big part of the Georgia Tech experience is forming relationships that last a lifetime. For alums Adrianna Brown (CS 20) and Charles Cardot (Phys 20) their relationship blossomed at Georgia Tech and will last until death do them part.

Navigating College Life Together

Physics grad Charles Cardot and computing grad Adrianna Brown bonded at Georgia Tech before getting married. Photo by Bruno Cardot
Physics grad Charles Cardot and computing grad Adrianna Brown bonded at Georgia Tech before getting married. Photo by Bruno Cardot

The couple first met and started dating at Lakeside High School near Emory University before continuing their college journey together.

“We got to know each other through theater tech in the drama program, and we had French and computer science classes together,” Brown said. “Fortunately, we both had Georgia Tech as our top choice and got accepted.”

As undergraduates, the couple began referring to themselves humorously as a “STEM power couple.” They found support and camaraderie in one another while dedicating themselves to their studies and other responsibilities. Brown served as a head teaching assistant (TA) for CS1332 and Cardot was president of the Society of Physics Students (SPS). 

“Having a partner at the school was like having a really close friend there - and luckily, I had a few. My two best friends also ended up at Georgia Tech. Along with Charles, they were the foundation of my support system,” Brown said. 

“Despite our range of different majors, we still took classes together here and there and helped each other with our respective subject matters. I remember Charles trying to coach me through Intro Physics.”

Their bond grew, helping one another with schoolwork and spending time together on dates around campus. They enjoyed their favorite lunch spots in Tech Square like Tin Drum, Moe's, and Halal Guys. And they were regulars at Sublime Donuts and Food Terminal. Brown says they loved attending the Lunar festivals, salsa dance classes, Georgia Aquarium nights, and other student-organized events.

Inviting Georgia Tech to the Wedding

With their degrees in hand, Brown and Cardot married in November 2023. As part of the celebration, it was important to invite Yellow Jackets to the wedding, with the entire wedding party composed of alumni. 

Lecturer Mary Hudachek-Buswell and alumni attend the wedding.
SCI Lecturer Mary Hudachek-Buswell and several alumni attended the wedding. Photos by Alicia Park/Alicia Park Photography

Along with friends and family, School of Computing Instruction Associate Chair Mary Hudachek-Buswell, several CS 1332 TAs, and SPS alums attended. 

“Georgia Tech was remarkably well represented at our wedding, which makes sense because we spent such important parts of our lives and our relationship there,” Brown said. “Alumni in Seattle have stayed in touch. Mary continues to check-in and support us. She visits as a part of College of Computing alumni events and even during her personal travel. She's really made us feel like we're an extension of her family.”

Life After Graduation

Since their wedding, the couple has embarked on new adventures. Brown works as a software engineer at Microsoft while Cardot pursues his Ph.D. in physics at the University of Washington. They still enjoy exploring new restaurants, playing video games, and snuggling with their cat, Spice Elizabeth Meatball (Spice E. Meatball).

Spice. E. Meatball
Brown and Cardot share a cat, Spice Elizabeth Meatball (Spice E. Meatball). Photo by Adrianna Brown

The couple encourages current Georgia Tech couples to make time for one another and communicate as they grow during their college years.