Joey Orofino at right is a Squarepoint Scholar at Georgia Tech's College of Computing

Squarepoint Foundation Scholar Shines in CS Junior Design Capstone Expo

A Squarepoint Foundation Scholar’s team earned a top honor at the Fall 2023 CS Junior Design Capstone Expo.

Joey Orofino’s team created the Rules of Inference Auto Generator website, which won the prize for Best Aesthetic.

Orofino is one of five students who received scholarships from the Squarepoint Foundation. This new scholarship program helps computer science (CS) students cover the cost of completing their undergraduate degrees at Georgia Tech.

He says the foundation and his project share the goal of helping computing students.

“The Squarepoint Foundation’s goal is to help the computing community at Georgia Tech,” Orofino said. “This project helps students in discreet math, which is a required course in the College of Computing. A lot of these projects are created to better the College and its technologies.”

The scholarships are part of the foundation's efforts to advance STEM education and research. This is the first time the foundation has funded scholarships at Georgia Tech.

Orofino serves computing students as a head teaching assistant for Data Structures and Algorithms (CS 1332) and is president of the Google Developers student club.

With support from philanthropic organizations like the Squarepoint Foundation, alumni, parents, friends, and corporations, Georgia Tech is securing the resources that will help achieve the most ambitious goals in the Institute's history as part of Transforming Tomorrow: The Campaign for Georgia Tech