Aaron Hansen


Aaron Hansen is a spirited developer with 9 years’ experience in software and web development. He has performed development work for NCR, PrimeRevenue, BLiNQ Media, the Georgia Institute of Technology, the Georgia Tech College of Computing, as well as the Arizona State University School of Physics, in addition to work as a freelance web developer.

Aaron’s development experience includes significant work in Ruby, Scala, Python (Django and NumPy) PHP (including Drupal/Wordpress module development), Javascript (Angular/Ng2, vanilla JS), Postgres/Oracle/MySQL/MSSQL, Java, Fortran, and HTML5/CSS. His central strength is his ability to acquire and apply new skills rapidly in demanding situations.

Specialties: Web Development, Python, Javascript, Ruby, Scala, Java, PHP, jQuery, D3, Three.js, CSS3, Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, Fortran, Django, Rails, Drupal, Wordpress, Git, Apache, Linux, Unix, Optics, Biophysics, Computational Physics, German.