Agata Rozga
Senior Research Scientist

Research Areas:
Computational behavioral science, applications of machine learning to developmental health


Dr. Rozga is a research scientist in the School of Interactive Computing. She is a developmental psychologist with an interest in autism and related developmental conditions. Her current research lies at the interdisciplinary boundary between developmental psychology and computing. She asks questions regarding how the behavior of individuals with autism emerges and transforms over time. To find answers, she applies novel sensing capabilities, and computationally driven measurement and modeling. This work is leading to novel ways of capturing and quantifying complex human behaviors, as well as developing new understandings of these behaviors, both among typically developing individuals and those with autism. The ultimate goal is to make these new measurements and modeling techniques work outside the lab, in real-world environments like the home, schools, and clinics where there is a need for more objective, reliable means of tracking the emergence of autism and its developmental course.  

Dr. Rozga also has a broad interest in exploring how technology can impact research and clinical care of autism. Recent projects in this space include evaluating a novel telehealth tool to support remote diagnosis of autism using videos recorded by parents in the home, and developing and evaluating motion-based games to support engagement and collaboration among students with autism.  

Dr. Rozga received a B.A. in Psychology (2000) from the University of California Berkeley, and an M.S. (2002) and Ph.D. (2007) in Developmental Psychology from the University of California Los Angeles. She completed a two-year postdoctoral fellowship through the Center for Behavior Neuroscience at Georgia State University before joining the faculty at Georgia Tech in 2010. She is currently a Senior Research Scientist in the School of Interactive Computing, and is the Director of the Georgia Tech Child Study Lab.