Surya Kalidindi
Regents' Professor, Joint with the George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering

Research Areas:
Materials-Manufacturing Data Sciences and Informatics



Dr. Kalidindi's research interests are broadly centered on designing material internal structure (including composition) for optimal performance in any selected application and identifying hybrid processing routes for its manufacture. To this end, he has employed a harmonious blend of experimental, theoretical, and numerical approaches in his research.

Research Interests

  • Physics-Based Multi-scale Models, Crystal Plasticity, Crystallographic Slip, Deformation Twinning, Texture Evolution, Finite Element Models, Computational Mechanics and Materials Science.
  • Microstructure Sensitive Design, n-point Statistics, Microstructure Hulls, Property Closures, Process Networks, Spectral Methods for Microstructure-Property-Processing Linkages.
  • Microstructure Informatics, Data Analytics, Materials Knowledge Systems, Cyberinfrastructure for Materials Innovation.
  • Characterization of Local Anisotropic Mechanical Behavior in Heterogeneous Materials using Spherical Nanoindentation and extracting Indentation Stress-Strain Curves.
  • Microstructure-Property Relationships in Bone, Bone Quality, Raman Spectroscopy.